[maria-buildbot-reports] buildbot failure in MariaDB on win64-release2

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Wed Jun 25 17:10:32 EEST 2014

The Buildbot has finished a build on builder win64-release2 while building MariaDB.
Full details are available at:

Buildbot URL: http://askmonty.org/buildbot/

Buildslave for this Build: bb-win32

Build Reason: scheduler
Build Source Stamp: [branch bb-10.1-explain-analyze] 424d5de89de907f37826ec8afb77769fe380d1e4
Blamelist: Alexander Barkov <bar at mariadb.org>,Alexander Nozdrin <alexander.nozdrin at oracle.com>,Alexey Botchkov <holyfoot at askmonty.org>,Arun Kuruvila <arun.kuruvila at oracle.com>,Balasubramanian Kandasamy <balasubramanian.kandasamy at oracle.com>,Bjorn Munch <bjorn.munch at oracle.com>,Elena Stepanova <elenst at montyprogram.com>,Georgi Kodinov <georgi.kodinov at oracle.com>,Igor Babaev <igor at askmonty.org>,Igor Solodovnikov <igor.solodovnikov at oracle.com>,Jan Lindström <jan.lindstrom at skysql.com>,Jan Lindström <jplindst at mariadb.org>,Kentoku SHIBA <kentokushiba at gmail.com>,Marc Alff <marc.alff at oracle.com>,Michael Widenius <monty at askmonty.org>,Namit Sharma <namit.sharma at oracle.com>,Nisha Gopalakrishnan <nisha.gopalakrishnan at oracle.com>,Olivier Bertrand <bertrandop at gmail.com>,Praveenkumar Hulakund <praveenkumar.hulakund at oracle.com>,Serge Kozlov <serge.kozlov at oracle.com>,Sergei Golubchik <serg at mariadb.org>,Sergei Golubchik <sergii at pisem.net>,Sergei Petrunia <psergey at askmonty.org>,Sergey Petrunya <psergey at askmonty.org>,Sergey Vojtovich <svoj at mariadb.org>,Sujatha Sivakumar <sujatha.sivakumar at oracle.com>,Thirunarayanan B <thirunarayanan.balathandayuth at oracle.com>,Tor Didriksen <tor.didriksen at oracle.com>,mithun <mithun.c.y at oracle.com>,unknown <balasubramanian.kandasamy at oracle.com>,unknown <sanja at askmonty.org>

BUILD FAILED: failed test

 -The Buildbot

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