[Commits] [Maria-developers] b1ddc7d: MDEV-9487: Server crashes in Time_and_counter_tracker::incr_loops with UNION in ALL subquery

Oleksandr Byelkin sanja at montyprogram.com
Wed May 4 20:50:19 EEST 2016

Hi, Vicențiu!

On 04.05.2016 18:50, Vicențiu Ciorbaru wrote:
> Hi Sanja, Sergey,
> I think Sergey might have mean the same thing but it is not clear to 
> me. in_optimize never gets set to true. By mentioning that it is 
> redundant that means that it can be removed from the current code right?
It was under-cleanup. I tried to remove it and probably something went 
wrong and I have not it noticed.
> Also, I would put the "return true" conditions after the "return 
> false" conditions. Makes the code slightly easier to follow.

I tried to not change much.


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