[Commits] 97037da: Replace static usage of AES_CTR with current encryption algorithm.

Jeremy Cole jeremycole at google.com
Tue Mar 17 20:18:14 EET 2015

> I don't get it. Why is example_key_management_plugin special here? If
>> you're going to support "none", why not here as well?
> This is exactly similar to file_key_management_plugin i.e. do not
> initialize if NONE.

Heh, okay.

> +
>>> +  my_aes_init_dynamic_encrypt(current_aes_dynamic_method);
>> Isn't this redundant? It should already be initialized by the call in
>> init_server_components...
> Maybe, but what if you load this plugin after server has started ?

Why would it matter? Unless I miss something,
my_aes_encrypt_dynamic/my_aes_decrypt_dynamic are global.

But the whole encryption_algorithm stuff seems not well thought out in any


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