[Commits] Rev 3357: MDEV 507 deb/rpm packages for galera builds. in file:///home/hf/wmar/mdev507/

holyfoot at askmonty.org holyfoot at askmonty.org
Thu Nov 15 14:43:08 EET 2012

At file:///home/hf/wmar/mdev507/

revno: 3357
revision-id: holyfoot at askmonty.org-20121115124015-3gqeskedgs1j1ycr
parent: seppo.jaakola at codership.com-20121024201343-77kxbrn1sjkt1t2o
committer: Alexey Botchkov <holyfoot at askmonty.org>
branch nick: mdev507
timestamp: Thu 2012-11-15 16:40:15 +0400
  MDEV 507 deb/rpm packages for galera builds.
  Debian package build.
  The mariadb-server-core-5.5 becomes mariadb-galera-server-core-5.5.
  All the other packages are just removed.
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