[Commits] Rev 3510: MDEV-471 update help tables. in file:///home/hf/wmar/5.5-hf/

holyfoot at askmonty.org holyfoot at askmonty.org
Tue Aug 28 14:17:54 EEST 2012

At file:///home/hf/wmar/5.5-hf/

revno: 3510
revision-id: holyfoot at askmonty.org-20120828100750-iutjdsz0v0uereuh
parent: sergii at pisem.net-20120827161317-tjrlkpzeff2zk6ud
committer: Alexey Botchkov <holyfoot at askmonty.org>
branch nick: 5.5-hf
timestamp: Tue 2012-08-28 15:07:50 +0500
  MDEV-471 update help tables.
          the fill_help_table-5.5.sql file was copied into mariadb.
  per-file comments:
          MDEV-471 update help tables.
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