[MariaDB Announce] MariaDB 5.2.9 released

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Mon Sep 26 16:53:43 EEST 2011

The MariaDB project would like to announce the immediate availability
of MariaDB 5.2.9, the latest iteration of the 5.2 series. 

The release notes are available from:

  * http://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-529-release-notes

A complete changelog is available from:

  * http://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-529-changelog

Sources, binaries and packages can be downloaded from:

  * http://downloads.askmonty.org/mariadb/5.2.9/

Debian and Ubuntu packages are available from repositories. A
sources.list generator can be found at:

  * http://downloads.askmonty.org/mariadb/repositories/

MariaDB code hosting is on Launchpad:

  * https://launchpad.net/maria

The project always strives for quality, but in reality nothing is
perfect. Please take time to report any issues you encounter.

  * https://bugs.launchpad.net/maria

We would also like to mention the release of the first MariaDB-specific
book: MariaDB Crash Course, by Ben Forta. This book -- for beginner to
intermediate level users -- will get you up and running with MariaDB,
even if you've never used a database before. More information is
available at: http://forta.com/books/0321799941/

Feel free to join the maria-discuss and/or maria-developers groups on
Launchpad, or use #maria on Freenode IRC. And please, enjoy 5.2.9!

Daniel Bartholomew
MariaDB - http://mariadb.org
Monty Program - http://montyprogram.com
AskMonty Knowledgebase - http://kb.askmonty.org

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