[maria-buildbot-reports] buildbot success in MariaDB on kvm-rpm-fedora19-x86

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Thu Oct 16 12:00:43 EEST 2014

The Buildbot has finished a build on builder kvm-rpm-fedora19-x86 while building MariaDB.
Full details are available at:

Buildbot URL: http://askmonty.org/buildbot/

Buildslave for this Build: knielsen-kvm-x86

Build Reason: The web-page 'rebuild' button was pressed by '<unknown>': 

Build Source Stamp: [branch 10.1] 1e79138459038c39c85239a825bf1727ef43c156
Blamelist: Alexander Barkov <bar at mariadb.org>,Alexander Barkov <bar at mnogosearch.org>,Alexey Botchkov <holyfoot at askmonty.org>,Annamalai Gurusami <annamalai.gurusami at oracle.com>,Arun Kuruvila <arun.kuruvila at oracle.com>,Ashish Agarwal <ashish.y.agarwal at oracle.com>,Balasubramanian Kandasamy <balasubramanian.kandasamy at oracle.com>,Bjorn Munch <bjorn.munch at oracle.com>,BohuTANG <overred.shuttler at gmail.com>,Chaithra Gopalareddy <chaithra.gopalareddy at oracle.com>,Elena Stepanova <elenst at montyprogram.com>,Erlend Dahl <erlend.dahl at oracle.com>,Gleb Shchepa <gleb.shchepa at oracle.com>,Gopal Shankar <gopal.shankar at oracle.com>,Harin Vadodaria <harin.vadodaria at oracle.com>,Igor Babaev <igor at askmonty.org>,James Le Cuirot <chewi at aura-online.co.uk>,Jan Lindström <jplindst at mariadb.org>,John Esmet <esmet at tokutek.com>,John Esmet <john.esmet at gmail.com>,Jon Olav Hauglid <jon.hauglid at oracle.com>,Kentoku SHIBA <kentokushiba at gmail.com>,Kristian Nielsen <knielsen at knielsen-hq.org>,Leif Walsh <leif.walsh at gmail.com>,Luis Soares <luis.soares at oracle.com>,Marcin Babij <marcin.babij at oracle.com>,Mattias Jonsson <mattias.jonsson at oracle.com>,Michael Widenius <monty at askmonty.org>,Michael Widenius <monty at mariadb.org>,Murthy Narkedimilli <murthy.narkedimilli at oracle.com>,Namit Sharma <namit.sharma at oracle.com>,Neeraj Bisht <neeraj.x.bisht at oracle.com>,Nirbhay Choubey <nirbhay at skysql.com>,Nisha Gopalakrishnan <nisha.gopalakrishnan at oracle.com>,Olivier Bertrand <bertrandop at gmail.com>,Praveenkumar Hulakund <praveenkumar.hulakund at oracle.com>,RIch Prohaska <prohaska at tokutek.com>,Raghav Kapoor <raghav.kapoor at oracle.com>,Rich Prohaska <prohaska at tokutek.com>,Sergei Golubchik <serg at mariadb.org>,Sergei Golubchik <sergii at pisem.net>,Sergey Petrunya <psergey at askmonty.org>,Sergey Vojtovich <svoj at mariadb.org>,Sujatha Sivakumar <sujatha.sivakumar at oracle.com>,Terje Rosten <terje.rosten at oracle.com>,Tor Didriksen <tor.didriksen at oracle.com>,Venkata Sidagam <venkata.sidagam at oracle.com>,Venkatesh Duggirala <venkatesh.duggirala at oracle.com>,Zardosht Kasheff <zardosht at gmail.com>,joel9001 <joel9001 at hotmail.com>,mithun <mithun.c.y at oracle.com>,unknown <knielsen at knielsen-hq.org>,unknown <murthy.narkedimilli at oracle.com>,unknown <mysql-builder at oracle.com>,unknown <sanja at askmonty.org>,zkasheff <zardosht at gmail.com>

Build succeeded!

 -The Buildbot

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