[Commits] Rev 3578: MDEV-495 backport --ignore-db-dir

Alexey Botchkov holyfoot at askmonty.org
Wed Sep 26 14:09:00 EEST 2012

Hi, Sergei.

> 1. add a test case for CREATE DATABASE, CREATE DATABASE ignored_db 
> should fail. 


> 3. add a test for the following: lost+found is ignored, but
>     CREATE DATABASE `lost+found` should succeed!
>     (indeed, it creates a directory lost at 002bfound, which is not
>     ignored), and later SELECT, CALL, USE, SHOW DATABASES,
>     should show that new db.

Right, i didn't think about that case.
Fixed by adding 'tablename_to_filename' conversion.

> 2. I'd prefer to get an error "db not found" instead of "incorrect db
>     name", is it difficult to do?

You don't mean changing the error message do you?
So that there are about a dozen of check_db_name() calls where we have to
change the following my_error(ER_WRONG_DB_NAME) with something depending
on the check_db_name() return.
Not that difficult to do unless we think of merging all that later. As 
you're the one
spending a lot of time merging i'll do whatever you say here.
> I don't think that sql_show.cc is where all this code really belongs,
> but ok, as you like.

I don't like that place either. But most of that code was ported from 5.6.
Again i try to keep the code closer to what is in the MySQL tree.

I sent the fixed patch if you're interested.

Best regards

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